Boxing and Wrestling

Boxing and wrestling are two of the most common forms of combat sports and training. They have also been around for an extremely long time. While MMA has just become popular in the last decade, boxing has been a major sport for hundreds of years, and both boxing and wrestling date back at least to ancient Greece. These two sports offer many benefits if you want to train in them, which is why so many people take them up.

One of the main benefits to either of these sports is the extreme fitness that you will achieve. Boxing and wrestling are both extremely high burn activities. As compared to any team sport or activity, they will tax you much harder and you will get in even better condition. That’s because these sports require you to go all-out for a long period of time, three minutes per round in boxing and usually five minutes per round in wrestling.

Compare this to the short bursts of activity in football, short shifts in a sport like hockey and the frequent stops of sports like basketball and baseball. Simply put, training in either boxing or wrestling will get you into fantastic shape in ways the other sports can’t. The demands are too great, and not just the length of the activity but also the resistance you face. You have to deal with the other person’s punches or holds, which means you are exerting even more energy, making it even more challenging.

Of course, if you want to be successful at boxing and wrestling you will have to train extremely hard. All of that fitness and conditioning doesn’t come from nowhere; it’s honed through dedication and commitment to training. The end result however will be extreme conditioning, not to mention an ideal body physique as well.

Another benefit to training in either boxing or wrestling is that you will be able to defend yourself in possibly dangerous situations. The two sports will allow you to defend yourself in different ways. With boxing you will be able to use your strikes to damage someone trying to harm you, and you will be able to easily avoid their strikes as well. With wrestling, you will be able to quickly take the person off of their feet and out of their comfort zone and you’ll be able to keep them in positions where they can’t inflict any damage.

More people today are familiar with the techniques of boxing than of wrestling, because boxing is a popular professional sport. After high school and amateur wrestling, these athletes can either compete in the Olympics or are forced to try something else out. That’s why many past wrestlers end up taking up MMA, or mixed martial arts, which now has popular and lucrative professional organizations.

Boxing and wrestling are two of the oldest sports and activities that we participate in. Today, they are still extremely useful, both for fitness and for self defence. Professional boxing remains popular, while wrestlers are morphing into complete MMA fighters to try to capitalize on that growing trend.

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