Kickboxing Equipment : 3 Types Of Mouth Guards

Safety is the most important thing in the kickboxing equipment and having good Mouth Guards will provide some safety for sparing, they will protect your jaw and teeth for breaking and they will even absorb some force from the impact.
Stock Mouth Guard – > BUDGET
Price range from 1$ – 15$
This a type of mouth guard you buy and use without modifying it in any
It is simple to use, you just choose your size, spend 5 bucks, put it in the mouth and you are good to go.
However this type of mouth guard has the lowest rating. Why? Because it offers the least protection, least comfort, least durability and is makes breathing and speaking hard.
So basically you get :
*Lowest protection
*Lowest Comfort
*Lowest Durability
*Hard to breathe
*Hard to speak
→ Not recommended for long term use
Boil And Bite Mouth Guard
Price range from 5$- 30$
They are called boil and bite for a reason. This type of mouth guard is made of a material that can be shaped to your specific needs when exposed to higher temperature.
This means that you first put the mouth guard in boiling water and then you bite it, thus shaping it to your unique specifications.
So compared to the stock Mouth Guard you get :
→ Better protection.
→ Air channel for breathing while clinched.
→ More Comfort.
→ Warranty for your teeth safety
Other Pros :
* Easy to use
* Cheap
Cons :
* Deteriorates over time
* Breathing and speaking are often difficult (depends on the model)
→ Money well spent
Custom Mouth Guard
Price : 40$ +
Custom Mouth guards are the ones made by dentist using a mold of your teeth. They are a super fit to your mouth and they offer the best protection and comfort. Custom guards are also additionally shaped to increase their effectiveness for your particular sport.
Pros :
*The highest degree of comfort, protection, and durability.
*Minimal interference with breathing and speech.
*Maintain position in mouth without effort by the user.
Cons :
*You have to go to the dentist to create a mold from your teeth.
*You have to wait at least 10 days for the mouth guard to be created.
→ Highly Recommended for professionals.
There, now you can make a good choice when buying your new MOUTH GUARD. I would recommend avoiding stock mouth guards because you can get 2-3 times better quality by just adding few more bucks and buying Boil And Bite Mouth guard.
And if you are training seriously you should consider buying a Custom Mouth guard, its really worth the money.

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