Kickboxing Equipment : 4 Types Of Shin Pads Explained

Shin pads are an essential part of any martial artist’s – training equipment, therefore it is important to understand which shin pads will be best suited to your needs.
The 4 Shin Pads Types :
1. Cotton Foamed Filled Elasticated
2. Synthetic/Leather Standard
3. Synthetic/Leather Special Prints
4. Synthetic/Leather Double In-Step
Cotton Fliled Shin Pads
The Cotton Foamed Filled Elasticated are the cheapest and offer the least protection.
However this doesn’t mean they should be automatically discarded. The least protection is enough, I recommend everyone that starts taking kickboxing classes get cotton shin pads to start with.
The best thing about them is that they are very light weight.
The biggest draw back is that they have a tendency of moving around your calf and often need readjusting to cover your shin again.
The Synthetic/Leather Standard are the preferred choice and best seller in the kickboxing community. They offer superior protection than the cotton foamed ones and due to their Velcro straps and elasticated foot straps they do not move as much.
The only draw back is that they are slightly heavier than the cotton foamed ones.
However Twins have compensated for this with their SGL-3 shin pad, which is very light weight and was designed with tournament usage in mind, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it for training as well.
The Synthetic/Leather Special Print are exactly the same construction to a Synthetic/Leather Standard shin pad. The only thing that differs is the color and design on the shin pad (And the price)
Synthetic/Leather Double In-Step
The main difference is the amount of padding they use in it. They use this padding to form a raised shin ridge running down the shin and instep for additional protection.
These pads are also 30% lighter than the stand shin pads enabling you to deliver your kicks harder and faster. They are the same as SGL-3 but with more protection.

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