Muay Thai KickBoxing equipment essentials

If you are looking for starter equipment for muay kickboxing and you don’t know exactly what to look for then this article will help you find that information.
Shorts Kickboxing
Before we start about the equipment its important to understand why do we want to get it in the first place. After this has been told we will cover the kickboxing equipment essentials and after that I will give to you some extra information on advanced Muay Thai Equipment.
So what do we get with the equipment ?
Well we get to things. The First and most important thing is safety. If we did not use any equipment injuries would be very common and often. I for my self have injured my elbows without proper training equipment.
And the second plus we get from the muay kickboxing equipment is that we start training efficiently. This is because with the equipment we can do all the deferent exercises witch are more optimized for us.
Without further due, lets get on the point.
What are the Muay Thai Kick Boxing Equipment Essentials ?
The Basics are Bag Gloves, Another 12-18 oz gloves for sparing, Hand Wraps, Shin Pads, Jump Rope, Shock Doctor Cup.
We need two types of gloves. One for the bag and one for sparing. I will cover Boxing Gloves in detail in my next article. For now, just remember that you need 1 pair of 10-12 oz gloves for bag and one pair of 14 – 18 oz gloves for sparing.
Hand Wraps are used to prevent injury on the joints and to stop irritating the skin with the sweat and the gloves. Shin Pads. Jump Rope is obvious. And Shock Doctor Cup is a must for men. Yes, kicking in the groin is not allowed but, shit happens, get the groin protector, for the sake of your future family !
Everlast Boxing Gloves
The less expensive version of this would be :
The Budget Version :
Hand wraps, a good pair of bag gloves and another set of boxing gloves, say about 12oz-18oz.
This is what you must get, its the essential with 0 % fat. All the other things the gym should supply you with. Such as jump ropes, head gear, shin pads (you may want your own for sanitary reasons) and etc.
Now that we covered the basics, lets see what else can we use to improve our training experience.
Advanced Version :
The essentials version + Belly Pad, Thai Pads, Focus Mitts and Head Gear. This equipment will boost efficiency and safety to another level. But its quite expensive. I suggest you start of with the most essential and then build on that.
Now you know what equipment is essential and what is not.
Hope this information helps,
My next post will be about Boxing Gloves In Detail

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