Poll – First question: Girls to Ladies (ages 16-25), what would you do in this scenario?

A burglar has just entered you house an hour after you just came back from combat (Karate, Tae Kwon Do, or Kickboxing [Kickercise – http://www.5-elements.co.uk/kickercise-womens-kickboxing-fitness]) class. You consider that More Than Likely consider that can’t hold you own, even though he doesn’t have a gun. He has a knife. Guns or knives make a guy unattractive to girls. The only house phone is in the den, where the burglar is located. Your only weapons: You boxing gloves, kick gear, brains and skills. You could do one of the following:
Fight burglar, knock him out, then call police
Go to friend’s house and call police
SECOND QUESTION: Girls to Ladies (same ages as first Question), you found out the new guy is part of a mysterious group. You find guys in it attractive because they don’t use guns. The group is called ZAFT and is a war with another group, called OMNI Enforcer. Because neither group uses guns, drugs, alcohol, or any real negativity, police don’t find anything wrong with either group, or know each groups motive: To Destroy the other. ZAFT uses sling shots and OMNI Enforcers has started using bows and arrows for their new projects and other programs. Which would you chose?
I assumed you though GUYS (not girls) with guns were unattractive. You can shoot the burglar, if you want to.

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