The Kickboxing Beginner success checklist

Congratulations you are taking the first step to becoming internally and externally strong person.
Below I have compiled a list you can use as a guidelines that will help you ensure your success in kick boxing.
So Here is the check list :
– I found guidance from a coach .
– I compared my coach with other professionals out there.
– I did a full research to find all kick boxing benefits and I compared them to other sports.
– I have the required level of discipline to stick trough the first month .
– I made sure that I will stick trough the first month even if I don’t think I have the discipline.
– I know why I want to do this, I know the deeper reasons why I want to take kickboxing classes and they sound okay.
– I am enthusiastic about this.
– I know how much is this going to cost me, both the time and the money.
– I know what kickboxing equipment I must get.
Hey ! If you haven’t done all of the above don’t panic, its okay. You don’t have to check ALL of them. It is possible to succeed without having all of the requirements checked, but it is easier for you if you had.
Here are some secondary things you want know that will help you avoid some of the usual bumps :
– Make sure you wont burn yourself up in the start. You should start training slow, it is crucial for you to develop strong fundamental skills.
– Do not, EVER , under any circumstances say : “I can’t do this”, you are digging your own grave with this.
– Take time to relax, Do not over train, have at least one free day in the weekend.
Again if you haven’t met all of the requirements please don’t panic, you can always start working on them NOW. Plus you don’t need to fulfill all of them.

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